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Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's virus season. The last couple of days has been mostly about cooking for & sketching sick people for me.. And ended by finally getting the cold myself. So I threw grated, sliced, and whole ginger, into every dish I made and came to realize something that should have been so obvious a long time ago. Ginger is good with everything..!

even ice cream.

This is good for people who are starting to get sick.

Grated ginger on Lychee Sherbet (mine was with coconut jello)
+pear or any fruit.
So good.

Candied ginger and japanese horse radish* are great sweet snacks when you're sick too. I eat them straight out of the jar or add it in herbal teas.

*just cut ginger and horse radish to bite sizes and soak in honey over night.

Eat good and stay in shape, friends.

Thanks to Yumena for donating these crayons from Mother's!

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